Spree Commerce the 100% opensource e-commerce

Cristiano - July 15, 2015

Spree, aims to provide a solid framework for Rails developers to create engaging e-commerce solutions. Spree is useful to build the next generation e-commerce web application.

No solution will satisfy everyone. Spree covers 90% of the functions developers’ needs. The last 10% is up to the developer.

Online Commerce is not for “Noobs”. Spree is not marketed towards business owners, on the contrary, it is marketed towards developers – the people responsible for satisfying business-end goals.

Developers need complete control. Businesses are like people and no two are exactly alike. Spree is designed with a strong and flexible architecture that can be customized to achieve specialized rules like shipping and taxation.

After spending just 10 minutes to download and install the application, you can have a fully functional site ready for customization. with Spree you can develop using agile methodology, so you can go faster than other technologies like Magento.

What makes Spree such a promising platform to me is not which features it includes, but what features it does not. Any developer knows the dangers involved in customizing monstrous open-source projects. The codebase of a program grows linearly, in best cases, with the number of features that the program supports. More features means that a developer will be able to grasp in advance any sort of customization that may occur. The larger the project, the greater the complexity. As a result, developers are likely to be fearful when overriding decisions made by the original authors. Developers want the highest number of features with the lowest level of complexity, Spree helps us to achieve the goal in a short time and at low cost.